2013 Wedding Favorites // Part Two

Going through all of the wedding photos from last year and realizing my work's place in these peoples' lives.  Thinking about these special couples I'm so fortunate to know -- two of which have welcomed their first child in the last few months; four couples who are expecting a child sometime this year and several who have just bought their first home together.  I think about which photo might be their children's favorite when they get older or which one might hang on the wall the longest.  Which one triggers a favorite memory and which one will be shown on their 50th wedding anniversary.  Might sound silly but it keeps me going and realizing the importance of my job. I feel very grateful to have been there to capture their moments and provide them with a visual story to share and enjoy their very best day.  Thank you to all my couples past and present, I feel so blessed to know you.

(Disclaimer: not all couples in this post are expecting; don't want to start any rumors, haha)