the BEST cookie EVER


So I found out recently that I have a gluten allergy and have to eliminate all wheat products from my diet.  As bummed as I was to hear about the yummy breads + baked goods I'd have to forever turn down, my world has been opened up to all the healthy alternatives and the best part is I feel great after eating them.  My sweet neighbors upstairs made me some gluten-free/vegan cookies last month, they were so good that I had to ask for the recipe and I've made them, ah...errr....three times since.  They are so wholesome and filling that I often eat a few before the gym or for an afternoon energy boost.  The best part is they are so versatile, so many options for the ingredients, oh and the fact that the dough is legit to eat because there are no eggs, so it's not dangerous or actually really dangerous, they might not make it in the oven!  Check out the recipe below + enjoy!